October 21, 2009

Work. Home. Work. Home. Work. Home. The same routine over and over and over again. Seems like just a month ago it was January 2009. This year has gone by fast. And still, nothing productive with this life of mine.

So today, I took a step forward. I sent in my application to return to school. Not the best school but the school where I need to right some wrongs. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting the help of financial aid, but at least I got the fee waiver to pay for my classes. Hopefully by the time the semester starts, I will have saved enough to buy the books before income tax kicks in. I have to retake six classes that I received failing grades. Mostly because it was a subject that I had already educated myself about. (ie. graphic design, photoshop, etc). But this time, I will stay focused. Even through the long evenings, boring lectures and, suffice to say, bland projects – I. Will. Stay. Focused.

So let us raise our pencils, pens, mice, whatever we have in our hands, to breaking out of old routines. And starting new ones. Work. School. Home. Work. School. Home. Work. School. Home.


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