Qab Zib!

May 27, 2010

I’m about to leave work for home in ten minutes so I’ll try to cram all my news into one short post.

Just got my grades for school. All A’s! 4.0 for the semester. Now my overall GPA is 2.184. Sad isn’t it. All that hard work and it just rose 0.464 points. Three more semesters of good grades and I can challenge (or something to that affect) to have those damn F’s and W’s classes off my transcript.

4 minutes left. If you want it, you already got it… I’m getting off track.

Uh, what else. Oh! This past Thursday 5/20/10, I won the Glee Live Contest from American Express and I was able to go see their concert in Los Angeles.  I was sitting next to David H. Lawrence at the Pre-Glee party before the concert (which was AWESOME) and also met Don Le. LOVED the Glee Concert. Loved Lea Michele, Chris Colfer… EVERYBODY! The Cheerios actors were RACIST though! They were passing out barf bags and I was asking for one. One of the guy Cheerios locked eyes with me and didn’t even give me one even though my hand was right in front of his damn face asking for one. Oh well, he will regret when I’m rich and famous and he’s not. Overall, BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE, besides Wicked.

Alrighty, then. I am off! Life has been QAB ZIB so far this year!