Oh, joy!

March 17, 2010

Wow! Two months later and there’s still pretty much nothing that’s really happened except for the fact that I’M GOING TO SEE WICKED AT THE END OF THIS MONTH!

Finally, after planning and breaking off the event, it’s FINALLY happening. On March 30, I will be seeing Wicked, live in the Orpheum Theatre at San Francisco. That won’t be the only thing I’m doing during Spring Break though. I’ll also be fishing at Los Banos (actually I won’t because I don’t have a license) and crabbing in San Francisco (no license, again). It’s going to be an EXCITING week.

In other news, I’m ahead in all my classes right now so that’s news enough to celebrate. My most challenging class is also my favorite, Interpersonal Communication. I’m learning so much about how I’m communicating and others as well. The only thing that’s hard is not knowing the solutions. The book only makes me aware of the problems, but doesn’t really offer advice on the solution. Guess that’s where “communication competence” comes in. My other classes are pretty easy – Photoshop, InDesign and Elementary Voice class.

Speaking of voice class, last week was my first-ish voice test and I blew it! I had everything memorized but I just don’t know what happened to me that day. I guess I was just thinking too damn much. So I froze right when I was about to sing. I just went blank until the pianist reminded me of the first few words. Then I snapped back but I still forgot some of the lyrics so I stumbled through what I remembered. So wierd because the week before I had just done it in the front of the class with confidence (and of course, my music sheet in front of me). I loathe myself for that. I wish I could do it over again.

On top of that all that wreckage, I just registered for Summer and Fall semester this morning. Took me two hours to unsuccessfully register at midnight but I was successful this morning at work. It’s going to be a relaxing summer and hectic fall again, but all worth it. I’ll be getting financial aid support again so that’ll be good.

Here’s my schedules:
Beginning Acting – TWTh – 6-9:50pm (Summer)
Adobe Illustrator – M – 6-11pm (Fall)
Beginning Piano – T – 6-9:50pm (Fall)
Visual Communication – W – 6-10:50pm (Fall)
Fundamental of Interpretation – Th – 7-9:50pm (Fall)
LifeSpan Developement – WEB class (Fall)

I’m scheduled to take my math placement test on 3/25. So hopefully after that I can just add a math class to either my summer or fall schedule. Oh, joy.