Hello my pretties. Like the title? It’s from a fortune cookie that I got last year. I wouldn’t mind putting up a picture of it, but my iPhone doesn’t really take good close-up pictures.

Now, I know I’ve neglected this site for sometime; but I believe if I didn’t neglect it, my entries would be about as boring as watching paint dry. So expect my entries to not be daily, weekly or bi-weekly but more of a monthly basis of updates.

Anywho, about my trip to San Francisco. Nada. My family and I ended up being broke for that week because of Christmas. So at the end of all the extravagant planning, myself along with my father and sister, went to San Francisco for a day to pick up my brother. However, we did manage to sneak a few hours of sightseeing before we headed back. Not what I was hoping to do with my time off of work, but, enough. However, there is an unexpected trip back to San Francisco this weekend, not with my family but with my youth group, to go crabbing. I should least expect it to be exciting but I am still lacking funds from the holidays. So I would probably pass on that unless my family is going, then I would gladly tag along after visiting Advance America. Nevertheless, this weekend will either be event-less or eventful. Expect an update in a month’s time 😛

On towards another load of news, I am starting school today! After a two-year hiatus, I am actually extremely excited, nervous and bleeding with other radical contradicting emotions. I actually have something to look forward to. My first 2 years of college was just hazy. Taking whatever classes I want and not knowing which direction to go. Now I know exactly what I want and where to go. Today, though, would be the class where I am under the waitlist. I just hope that I either enroll into the class fast or kicked out of the class at the same amount of time. After today, my other classes will be easy to get in and hopefully, as easy to pass. The classes that I’m taking this semester are:

Adobe Photoshop (WAITLISTED)
Elementary Voice Level 1
Adobe InDesign
Speech 2 – Interpersonal Communications

Exciting? Ye—eh. But it’s only 11 days into the new year. 354 days to go. Still enough time to grab another fortune cookie.